April 2012, a brand new label is born, Funkin' Records, launched by the Algerian DJ & Producer Al Jerry who has been tired of depending on the others to release his own music.

All artists who are making good music are also welcome.

The main aim of the label is to promote & why not reveal some ignored talents to the world, music nowadays sounds more & more like noises, forgetting that the soul of music is the melody, now labels & producers all around the globe are giving us well masterised & mixed noises & the melody is totally sacrificed...


Funkin' Records will try to fix this with releasing what they judge as being real music. 


Our releases been already played & supported by some of the best DJ's around the scene like: Swanky Tunes, Frank Caro, Marco V, Antoine Clamaran, Kyau & Albert, Jesse Voorn, Stonebridge, Erick Morillo, Cevin Fisher, Niki Belucci & many more...


Funkin' Records is the very first Algerian House Music Label.





Funkin' Records


2, Timgad Street - Algiers - Algeria.


+213 21 69 40 32



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